Matthew MacCaull

Black Fly (2014) 7.7
Black Fly (2014) Jake and Noel Henson are two estranged brothers haunted by a troubled past. Their father died in a hunting accident, their mother committed suicide and over the years they lost touch. After escaping from his abusive uncle, Jake seeks refuge with Noel who now lives with his girlfriend Paula in the old family farmhouse. Located on an isolated island, it's ...
IMDB: 7.7/10 70 votes

Black Fly (2014)

Stranger in the House (2016) N/A
Stranger in the House (2016) Upon returning from her honeymoon, Jade discovers that the caregiver she hired to look after her recently widowed father has seduced him into marriage and has the run of the home. But when her father turns up dead, Jade will stop at nothing to protect her inheritance and her family legacy.
IMDB: N/A/10 N/A votes

Stranger in the House (2016)

The Marine 4: Moving Target (2015) 5.2
The Marine 4: Moving Target (2015) Jake Carter is assigned to protect a "high-value package," a beautiful whistleblower trying to expose a corrupt military defense contractor. But a heavily armed team of mercenaries has been hired to kill her, along with anyone who gets in their way, and it's going to take a fearless one-man fighting machine to stop them.
IMDB: 5.2/10 1112 votes

The Marine 4: Moving Target (2015)